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Preschool Registration Information


*Celebrating our 25th Preschool Year*


We are pleased your family is considering Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool for your child’s preschool experience.   Please feel free to call the Preschool office for a tour or if questions at 770-476-1166 or e-mail us at Again, thank you for your interest in Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool.


The mission of the preschool is to provide young children a quality social and

 educational experience in a safe, warm, loving Christian environment.


Preschool hours are 9:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m., Monday – Friday, with carpool beginning at 9:05.


       Tours of the facility may be given daily at 11:00. The directors will discuss the preschool history and philosophy, our staff, age level curriculum, and the special activities we offer. 

If you would like to register your child for the 2019-2020 school year, please contact the preschool for availability, complete the attached registration form, and mail it or bring it by the preschool office.  Please include your top two choices on the form.  A check or money order for the registration fee must be included with the registration form.  If your choice of classes is full, you will be placed on the waiting list and your registration fee will be returned.  We will not deposit the non-refundable registration check unless we enroll your child.


  • Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool’s curriculum is based on a variety of enrichment activities, games, and materials used to create an atmosphere which fosters your child’s individual intellectual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.
  • The preschool seeks to integrate a spiritual and Christian dimension in all areas of learning.
  • Our teacher student ratios continue to be some of the lowest in our area which will give your child the personal learning style you desire.
  • We continually update our curriculum based on Georgia standards. Our play-based curriculum is designed to incorporate these standards, while creating an age-appropriate environment in which children feel safe to learn and explore.
  • Written evaluations are conducted mid-year for the 3-year-old, as well as the Pre-K and Young 5’s classes. Kindergarten readiness will be reviewed with the Pre-K and Young 5’s parents.
  • Printed copies of our curriculum are available upon request.



Class Offerings


Younger One’s (12 months to 18 months) on Tuesday/Thursday

Student/Teacher Ratio 8:2
DOB between 3/1/18 & 9/1/18 
Once a child turns two, Monday may be added if space is available

            This program offers a safe and loving environment for infants 12 months to 18 months.  Children   are able to acclimate to the preschool setting and become accustomed to separating from parents. They become comfortable with our routine, new friends, and teachers. Children spend time on socialization skills and are introduced to a variety of stimulating activities focusing on fine and gross motor skills.  Children will begin their first experiences in literacy facilitated with felt boards, puppets, and songs.  Music is incorporated throughout the day. Crafts and Bible stories are introduced. Playground facilities are used daily to promote gross motor skill development through climbing, running, and playing. Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, and Storytelling.


Older One’s (18 months to 24 months) on Wednesday/Friday

Student/Teacher Ratio 10:2

DOB between 9/1/17 & 3/1/18

Once a child turns two, Monday may be added if space is available

            The children will begin the year by exploring their environment and getting acquainted.  They begin to work on socialization skills such as sharing and cleaning up.  This class will concentrate on one theme per month.  Many activities such as art, music, finger plays, and story time will all revolve around the assigned theme.  Older One’s use our outdoor facilities including the playground, outdoor chapel area, and green space. Outdoor play encourages gross motor development, taking turns, and exploration of the natural world.  Bible Stories and Music will be shared with this young group every week in the classroom. Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, and Storytelling. Older One’s activities build on skills described above.


One’s on Monday

Student/Teacher Ratio 10:2

DOB between 9/1/17 & 9/1/18


            The Monday class content is similar to the Older One’s program. It can be added as a third day once a child has turned two years old. Depending on the birthdates of the children in the class, this class will begin in December or January.



Two-Year-Old Program

2 days:  Tues./Thurs. or Wed./Fri.

3 days: Mon./Tues./Thurs. or Mon./Wed./Fri.

4 or 5 days: combination of the above classes

Student/Teacher Ratio 10:2

DOB between 9/1/16 & 9/1/17


            We offer your 2-year-old child a variety of new experiences geared for this stage of development. The curriculum includes many forms of art media, music, finger plays, story time and play experience. Self-help skills like dressing, feeding themselves and putting away toys are incorporated to help encourage responsibility and build self-esteem. We feel this curriculum, along with love and praise, will encourage learning as a creative life-long process, which begins in play and flourishes in wonderment through firsthand and hands-on experiences for your child. Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, and Storytelling.



Three-Year-Old Program

2 days: Tues./Thurs. (integrated into the MTTh class)

3 days: Mon./Tues./Thurs. or Mon./Wed./Thurs

(Mon./Wed./Thurs is a new class offering)

4 days: Mon. – Thurs.

5 days: Mon. – Fri.

Student/Teacher Ratio 12:2

DOB between 9/1/15 & 9/1/16


            We offer a wide variety of experiences directed toward the needs of the 3-year-old child. Social skills, language development, listening skills, sensory, perceptual and gross motor development are the major goals of this program. Our curriculum includes many creative activities for developing fine motor skills. We use all forms of art media, music, games, finger plays, literature, sensory experiences and play. The children will be provided with academic activities to reinforce their understanding of basic shapes, colors, numbers, and name recognition while introducing early literacy and math skills through age-appropriate material. All activities are geared to the developmental success of a 3-year-old child. Children in the 3’s are expected to be fully potty trained. Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, and Storytelling, as well as bi-weekly Science and Spanish (due to limited time, Science and Spanish are not offered to the 2-day class).



Pre-K Program

3 days:  Mon./Tues./Thurs. Student/Teacher Ratio 10:2

4 days:  Mon. – Thurs. Student/Teacher Ratio 14:2

5 days:  Mon. – Fri. Student/Teacher Ratio 14:2

DOB between 9/1/14 & 9/1/15


            All of our Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to meet the needs of children as we prepare them for future Kindergarten experiences. We use many creative activities which include the use of scissors, crayons, glue, paint, and blocks. Imaginative housekeeping play, cooking activities, science experiments, music, language and social development, as well as a love for literature, will be encouraged throughout the year. Our curriculum also includes a multi-sensory approach to mathematics and language/reading readiness skills. An emphasis on fine motor skills with special attention to writing using Handwriting without Tears is included. Responsibility for personal items and space is emphasized.  Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, Spanish, and Storytelling, as well as bi-weekly Science.


Young 5’s Pre-K Program

5 days: Mon. – Fri.

Student/Teacher Ratio 14:2

DOB between 1/1/14 & 9/1/14

(if space is available, a child with an early fall birthday may be admitted)


            Similar to the above program, the Young 5’s Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for those children with Spring and Summer birthdays who desire an extra year before moving on to Kindergarten.  The curriculum consists of different themes from the Pre-K classes.  As is the case in all Pre-K programs, the themes are supported by art, science, literature, religion, and music/movement activities with an emphasis on math and reading readiness with special attention to writing using Handwriting without Tears.  Specials include weekly Chapel, Music, Spanish, and Storytelling, as well as bi-weekly Science.



Friday Adventures

 “Friday Adventures” provides an additional day of enrichment for those children in a 2 or 3-year-old class and a separate Pre-K class who do not otherwise attend school on Fridays. Children may attend every Friday or on occasion, depending on space available for a fee of $40.00 per Friday.



Parent Survey Comments


Each year we survey parents for their thoughts and comments, to help us continually improve our programs. We are proud to share a sample of recent comments below:


“JCP Preschool did a great job helping my child get adjusted to preschool. She has become more confident away from mom and dad and comfortable in her class. We appreciate all the teachers and staff who showed her how fun preschool is!”  

“My child has grown so much this year. He’s learned so much and has really come out of his shell. I can tell the teachers love all the children. I’ve never worried about my child’s safety or happiness while he’s at school.”


“I recommend your preschool 100% to everyone. My son has had a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for the love and care you all have given to my son and our family.”  


“We appreciated the small, cozy environment for my child’s first year of school and first time spent away from home. She grew in her socialization and independence and looks forward to going to school.”

“It brightened my day seeing their smiles and cheerful service. Having no family in town, I utilized Friday Adventures for doctor’s appointments and it was so helpful!!”


2019-2020 Fees and Tuition

Number of Days in Attendance

Registration Fee


Monthly Tuition


Activity Fee



$200.00 New Students

$150.00 Returning Families





$200.00 New Students

$150.00 Returning Families





$200.00 New Students

$150.00 Returning Families





$200.00 New Students

$150.00 Returning Families





Five – Young 5’s

$200.00 New Students

$150.00 Returning Families




  • A 15% sibling discount will be applied to the Registration Fee and Monthly Tuition for the younger sibling. 
  • An additional 25% discount on Registration Fees will be given to JCP church members.


Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool is a non-discriminatory Christian preschool.  We accept children without regard to sex, race, creed, color, or national origin. Notice of Exemption: This program is not a licensed child care facility.  This program is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state licensure requirements.



Click here for Payment Policy and Registration Form.





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