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August 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Recently, the Connecting Ministry Team of Johns Creek Presbyterian Church sent members an online survey “to check the pulse of the congregation about things that have happened, are now happening, and may happen in the future.” My thanks to each of you for taking the time to share your thoughts on how we can remain a connected and supportive church family in the midst of the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

The Session finds the results of this survey positive and encouraging. It offers helpful feedback about when our members would like to return to worship indoors and under what conditions. Our thanks to Dennis McLynn and Jeff Arnold for their efforts in creating this survey.

Dennis identifies these highlights from the survey:

  • 43% are “likely” or “very likely” to attend Drive-In Worship services
  • 50% would attend outdoor services
  • 51% want the church thoroughly disinfected and mandatory masks before they return
  • 26% will wait for a vaccine before they return to worship
  • 48% of respondents visit the website once a week (likely for the Online Worship service), 51% view most of the service while 61% have watched them in their entirety
  • The top three activities that members want continued after reopening are:
  • Online Worship Services (88%)
  • Facebook posts about church activities (54%)
  • Online Bible study and team meetings (48%)
  • 82% are giving “the same” or “more” financially to the church
  • 64% have not used the “Give Now” button on the website, with comments revealing that members often use online bank transfers, the mail, or the drop box on campus
  • 41% of those who responded to the survey have been here more than 15 years; 33% for 7-14 years; 25% less than 7 years, and 1% visit occasionally.

If you would like to see the results in a more complete form, you can click here. The number of responses (100) was capped because of the survey program we used; however, based on his experience, Dennis said that number of responses was strong and representative of our church family. Thank you to all who participated!

In Christ,

Gray Norsworthy


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