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Worship Ministry Team Recommendations for Return to In-person Worship


  1. Worship Service Options
    1. On-line (anytime) at website
    2. 9:30 AM Drive-in Worship Service at East Parking Lot
    3. In-Person Worship requires registration/reservation for the 11:00 am Service
    4. Call Karla Arnold at church to make reservation
  1. In-Person Worship Protocol
    1. Registration/reservation Period is Sunday until Thursday before Service

For Example: April 25 – April 29 for in-person service on May 2, 2021
                      May 2 – May 6 for in person service on May 9

    1. All those who plan to attend the in-person service need to make reservations in order for seating to be socially distanced.  This includes children of any age. 
  1. Mask:  All attendees over age of four are asked to wear a Covid safe mask.
  1. Childcare will not be available at In-person service.
  1. Church Building Access & Social Distancing
    1. Restrooms will be open, but it would be very helpful if as few persons as possible use the restroom.
    2. Social Distancing: We request that people do not congregate inside the building before or after the in-person service.  Due to the necessity of cleaning and sanitizing we ask that you limit your presence to only the hallways adjacent to the Great Hall.
  1. Offerings will be received in a basket as you leave the in-person service
  1. Bulletins will be available for Drive-in and In-person Worship.  For the in-person attendees please take your bulletin with you and dispose of it at home.
  1. Music: Hymnals will not be used during our initial return to in-person worship.  At some future time, the Choir and congregational singing will return to the worship service.
  1. Acolytes: Children will light candles for in-person services wearing street clothes
  1. Liturgists:  In-person service will not have liturgists, although youth may read scripture
  1. Parking: For drive-in service Enter, Park & Exit in the East Parking Lot.  For in-person service Enter, Park, and Exit via West Parking lot next to ballfield – unless it rains when the covered East Entrance may be used.
  1. Greeters, Check-in Table, and Ushers Upon entering the building Greeters will guide you to the Check-in Table where you will receive your seating location, ushers will direct and escort you to your reserved socially distanced seating.
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