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Johns Creek Presbyterian Church
JCPC is a welcoming place where you can discover and develop your faith as a Christian and apply that faith through service to others in our church, our community, and beyond. From our Sunday worship services, to our vibrant youth program, to our Academy of Fine Arts, we invite you to explore the many ways you can “give, go, and live” as a follower of Jesus Christ.   








Come | Learn | Connect Lenten Series

March 5 through April 2 

Despite Jesus’ warnings and words to his followers, his death was a complete shock—it was totally unanticipated.  Even more, the death of Jesus was an embarrassing and demoralizing event for Jesus’ early followers and for a young church proclaiming Jesus as Savior and Son of God throughout the Roman Empire.  In the thinking of the Roman world, sons of God, heroes, and saviors did not die on crosses.  How can the teachings of a man who died so horrifically be considered “good news?”  Click here to learn more...

We warmly welcome visitors to JCPC for worship services, concerts, educational programs and social events. More than 1,000 guests have participated in JCPC activities over the past twelve months.

From our worship services, to our Christian education programming for children, youth and adults, JCPC provides ways to help you explore and develop your faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

At JCPC, we ask members to give, go and live: Give of your time, talent and treasures, go and assist those in need, and live a missional life that reveals your love for God and your neighbors.

10950 Bell Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30097
Church: 770-813-9009 
Preschool: 770-476-1166