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Planned Giving Ministry

Planned Giving is an important component of stewardship at Johns Creek Presbyterian Church.  This type of giving allows friends and members of JCPC to make significant gifts to the church through their estate plans. These gifts will allow JCPC to remain a vibrant hub for Christian education, fellowship, worship and outreach for many years to come--while also allowing future generations to build upon the generosity of those who came before them as they endeavor to give, go and live!

Take a look at the video below to learn more about preserving your legacy at JCPC:

Reasons to Give

There's an old Greek proverb that says a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. This speaks to the essence of planned giving.

A planned gift is much more than just a substantial donation, it's a gesture of love. A planned gift shows how much you care--about this church and about the people it will serve in the years ahead. It's a way of giving back after you're gone, of sharing your good fortune with others you may never know so that they can be blessed by JCPC in the same ways that you've been blessed. 

Imagine having an ongoing opportunity to develop new generations of Christian leaders, provide support those who struggle, and spread the message of Christ far beyond the limits of your lifetime--that's what a planned gift can do. And by making a planned gift, you set a wonderful example of loving God and loving your neighbors for others to follow.

We will always be grateful to those who came before us and for all of the great things that they have made possible at Johns Creek Presbyterian Church. Now it's our turn. We have been entrusted to care for the ministry and mission of this church so that it can be passed along to future generations and continue to make a difference within our congregation, across our community and around the world.

Resources to Consider

Making a charitable gift through your financial accounts after your lifetime is as simple as completing a beneficiary form. This form dictates the beneficiary, so the asset is controlled outside of your Will. Here are financial accounts you can gift after your lifetime:

  • Bank accounts: a POD or Payable On Death designation transfers the bank account to the POD beneficiary. You may wish to consider designating Johns Creek Presbyterian Church as a POD beneficiary of a bank account that is not needed by heirs.  This can continue our important ministries even after your lifetime.*
  • Investment or brokerage accounts: a TOD or Transfer On Death designation directs your financial advisor or broker to move the designated investments to a new owner after your lifetime. We would be grateful if you considered JCPC for such a generous gift.*
  • Qualified retirement plans: IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) accounts may be worth significantly more if you donate them than if you pass them to a beneficiary (other than a spouse).  Roth IRAs may also be designated but do not have as significant a tax savings benefit as qualified retirement accounts*.
  • Life insurance policies: if your existing insurance policy is no longer needed, you might simply change your designated primary beneficiary to be to JCPC's full name and address (contact us for proper wording). If your loved ones still need the security of the policy, consider listing us as a contingent beneficiary.*

                                                                                                                  * We suggest that you will consult your professional advisors on how this gift might fit into your overall plans and your eligibility for tax benefits.

Assistance and Support

You don't have to walk alone as you consider making a planned gift to JCPC. Expert insight and support is available to you through the Presbyterian Foundation. If you have questions about planned giving or would like to review particular types of gifts that would fit into your estate plan (and work well for you and your family), feel free to contact Robert Hay. Robert is the Ministry Relations Officer for JCPC and has a great deal of experience working with families that are interested in planned giving. Here is Robert's contact information:

Robert Hay
Ministry Relations Officer
Presbyterian Foundation
Phone: 770-289-3884



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