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Missional Opportunities

JCPC maintains an active, positive presence in our local community while continuing to support a broad range of mission and service opportunities throughout our region and across the world.  To ensure we continue to act as a “mission centered” church, the JCPC Mission Team continues to:

  • Identify and promote appropriate JCPC mission and service opportunities for the congregation
  • Identify and match time, talents, treasures and spiritual gifts to mission and service commitments
  • Evaluate and report on the success of mission and service engagements

Bashor Homeless Men's Shelter (formerly Central Presbyterian Night Shelter)

Located at Central Presbyterian Church on Washington Street in downtown Atlanta.  JCPC members volunteer to prepare and serve meals on designated nights from November 1 through March 31. Volunteers serve as on-site resources during overnight hours that run from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and provide a hot dinner, bagged lunch and breakfast. 

JCPC Contact: Honey Cunningham  Phone: 678-575-7471

Beacon of Hope

A Beacon of Hope is a faith-based, non-profit organization focused on empowering women and families through pregnancy diagnosis, decision support, and sexual health services by providing compassionate medical, emotional and long term care for pregnant women.  JCPC holds a “Baby Bottle Boomerang” each year to raise funds.

JCPC Contact: Ross Johnson  

Habitat for Humanity - North Central Georgia

North Central Georgia is an independently run and operated affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International comprised of Habitat groups in Cherokee, Forsyth and Dawson counties. They have constructed over 330 homes and have repaired 102 homes serving more than 1500 individuals.  JCPC participates in workdays in the fall and spring.  

JCPC Contact: Barry Lucas  Phone: 770-286-1948

Hands of Christ

The Hands of Christ Duluth Cooperative Ministry prevents hunger and homelessness in our community by providing food, financial aid and hope to those in crisis.  JCPC has been a Co-op sponsor for more than 25 years and provides food (grocery basket for donations in the church atrium), financial support, volunteers at the Co-op, grocery store deliveries to the Co-op and leadership on the Board of Directors. JCPC also sponsors a turkey drive in November and the Alternative Christmas Market.  The preschool provides Easter Baskets each spring.      

JCPC Contact: Margy McLynn  Phone: 770-354-1087

LifeSouth Blood Drives

Donating blood is a selfless act by one person to save the lives of others.  Only approximately 37 %of the US population is eligible to donate with less than 10% of that group actually donating.  Blood Drives occur at JCPC every 8-10 weeks.   You can save three lives with your one donation. Last year JCPC saved 180 lives.

JCPC contact:  Gail Nearing  Phone: 770-656-3557

Promise 686

Is guided by Psalm 686 “God sets the lonely in families”.  The agency works to mobilize church communities  to care for vulnerable children by raising awareness, helping to prevent children from going into foster care, by supporting biological families in need, recruiting and equipping foster and adoptive families and by creating care communities for those caring for at risk children.  JCPC has established a Family Advocacy Ministry to support foster care families and biological families by providing meals and numerous other support services. In addition JCPC participates the Care Portal which identifies  immediate needs of children that can be accomplished by donated or purchased items and connecting those in need with resources. 

JCPC Contacts: Joanna Pope  Phone: 404-660-1824 or Debi Doverspike Phone: 770-826-8961

Pumpkin Patch

Every October JCPC hosts the Pumpkin Patch with over 1,700 pumpkins delivered to generate funds to sponsor JCPC mission trips and conferences. The Pumpkin Patch provides outreach to the community, preschools, daycare centers, family and friends.  Storytime, pictures, games and baked goods are part of the many experiences to enjoy at the Pumpkin Patch. 

JCPC Contacts: Honey Cunningham  Phone: 678-575-7471 or Email: Lisa Lucas  Phone: 770-364-3230

Rise Against Hunger

Is a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies by packing meal kits that help feed international hungry and malnourished families.  JCPC purchases and prepares meal kits each fall as our congregational mission focus. 

JCPC contact: Dawn Melin  Phone: 770-235-7628



Maranatha Mission, Dominican Republic

Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana is the centerpiece of the Maranatha vision. Founded in 1997 by the Missionary Baptist Church of Haiti through the visionary leadership of Rev. Jean Luc Phanord, the hospital operates as a not-for-profit corporation serving all those who enter, without regard to their ability to pay. In addition to this extensive medical ministry, Maranatha also works with mission teams from across the U.S. to upgrade conditions in Bateys located throughout the southeast region of the Dominican Republic. This includes the installation of clean water systems, the construction of houses and schools, and support for ministers who serve more than 100 of these small communities. 

JCPC has provided Maranatha with financial support and manual labor to aid in the construction of the Rodney Dexter Henrikson School. This school, located in the La Lachosa barrio on the outskirts of La Romana, serves children who would not otherwise have access to any educational opportunities in the DR, where there is no system of public education. The Henrikson School currently serves more than 500 children in grades one through six with a vision to eventually double the number of students served through the implementation of a full K-12 curriculum.

JCPC Contact: Dawn Melin

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