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Welcome to the JCPC Daily Reflections Blog. Reflections are daily devotionals authored by JCPC pastors, staff and members and provide insight, guidance and comfort to help you make it through each day. If you’d like to receive Reflections each day via email,  provide your email address.

Thursday, January 31 2019

The Lord has done Super Duper things for us; we are glad.

-Psalm 126:3 (paraphrase)


A few years ago, I took a tram of youth to Columbia, South Carolina to help with flood relief. As we worked to clear debris in a neighborhood, a man approached my kids in orange vests and gloves. He began asking them questions about who they were and why they were helping out. They revealed they were from a church in North Carolina. He responded, "Y'all with God?!? He does super duper things!"


He was right of course. And we never forgot that moment. It wasn't nearly as relevant in that moment that we were from another state or that most of our crew were high school students. It was most relevant that we were with God. This has been a comfort to me in every trip since as I prepare to encounter new people in another city or even country. It matters little who I am, or my group. It matters who I'm with, and who is with me.


As our adult mission trip prepares for a mission trip to the DR in one week, I remember that man's words. We are a group of ten Presbyterians, some life-long Georgians, some from North Carolina, some from Canada, and Ghana. But most importantly, we are with God. And God does super duper things. Please be praying for our team to be humble servants helping where we've been called. Thanks.

Prayer for Today

Lord, make me your servant. Help me to go where you call, trusting in the promise that you go with me and that you will do super duper things. Amen.

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