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Welcome to the JCPC Daily Reflections Blog. Reflections are daily devotionals authored by JCPC pastors, staff and members and provide insight, guidance and comfort to help you make it through each day. If you’d like to receive Reflections each day via email,  provide your email address.

Tuesday, June 02 2020

For many of the times I have read Jonah's story, I focused on the lessons God teaches us related to repentance and forgiveness.

These words from a devotion for families, Sing! Play! Summer! put love at the center.

Jonah 2:1-2, "Then Jonah prayed to God from the belly of the fish, saying, 'I called to God out of my distress, and God answered me."


I saw this story of Jonah in a new way as I read the devotion. "Full of twists and turns, the story of Jonah is about at least two things: 1) God's pervasive and persistent love, and 2) stepping up to the challenges that change can bring. Jonah tries to avoid God's call at first, while the people of Nineveh embrace it, changing their lives for the better. The story ends with the idea that the God of love is at work in and through all the twists and turns of our lives, sometimes hidden, sometimes plain- and that God's mercy knows no bounds!" (Salt Project)


"God of love is at work in and through all the twists and turns of our lives". Over the past almost three months we have experiences lots of twists and turns that were not expected. How have you seen our God of love at work in your twists and turns recently? When has someone reminded you of God's mercy?


Part of this devotion includes a song, "What Jonah Learned Inside the Whale" (Butterflyfish).


Prayer for Today

God of love, Help us to see the ways we can show your love and mercy each day. In Christ's Name, Amen.

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