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Welcome to the JCPC Daily Reflections Blog. Reflections are daily devotionals authored by JCPC pastors, staff and members and provide insight, guidance and comfort to help you make it through each day. If you’d like to receive Reflections each day via email,  provide your email address.

Wednesday, January 07 2015

Rev. Dr. C. Gray Norsworthy

Praise the Lord.
How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!
-Psalm 147:1, NIV
When Johnny Carson ended his 27th anniversary program, he showed different video clips of the show. The clip he showed at the end of his program probably caught many folks off guard. You may have seen it. Johnny Carson was interviewing L.A. Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser. He had just pitched one of the great performances in the World Series.
Carson said that when Hershiser was pitching this amazing string of scoreless innings, he seemed to be talking to himself on the mound. Hershiser, a committed Christian, said that he was not talking to himself, but he was singing songs to calm himself down between pitches. Carson asked what kind of songs. Hershiser said that they were praise songs, and Carson asked him if he would sing one. In a very soft voice, Hershiser began to sing the Doxology in front of millions of viewers. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow. . ." Of all the video clips Carson could have chosen to end his anniversary special, he chose to end it with that one. Amazing!
Praise and the worship of God are amazing, not because of how well they are performed, but because they help center our lives on what or whom is most important. Today, I want to invite you, in your own way, to praise God. Maybe it is simply taking time to thank God for the good things in your life. Maybe it is singing your favorite spiritual song quietly to yourself -- or loudly! Whatever it is, praise God today simply because God is good and God is God.

Prayer for Today 

Thank you, God, for being good. We praise you for being the loving God you are. In the strong name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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