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Welcome to the JCPC Daily Reflections Blog. Reflections are daily devotionals authored by JCPC pastors, staff and members and provide insight, guidance and comfort to help you make it through each day. If you’d like to receive Reflections each day via email,  provide your email address.

Wednesday, August 12 2015

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving my son's 1988 Cadillac Coupe De Ville - a "classic." It used to belong to his grandfather and it is one year older than he is. The car still runs, but the air-conditioning usually doesn't. Even at its age, it is still the smoothest riding car in our family.

The term "classic" is one we use to describe something that transcends time. Classical literature is more than just a contemporary bestseller. It is a book that continues to speak of timeless themes, like a play by Shakespeare or a novel by Melville. We can go back and read them again and again to find something new that still speaks to our life situations today.
Maybe we can think of the good news of the gospel as "classic." When we speak of God's love that literally transcends time (and space), we are re-telling a story that speaks to each person in every life situation. John 3:16 (yes, the same Bible verse you see on the signs held up during televised football games) tells the classic message: For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (NIV) Classic!
Sometimes we see or hear something that some might call "classic", but all we see is old, out-of-date, obsolete, or irrelevant. However, in this case, when it comes to the love of God, we would be missing out on something that continues to be new, up-to-date, timely, and relevant. We would be missing out on what life is all about.
Is there anything in your life that you would describe as truly classic? A song? An episode of a TV show? Your favorite pair of shoes? A jacket? What about the ways God has shown you his love over the years? Today, think about one of those times and then thank God for how he has shown you his classic, transcending love.

Prayer for Today

Gracious God, your love for us is not confined by time or space. It is infinite, deep, all-powerful, comforting, and exactly what we need. Thank you for your classic love. We pray this in the strong name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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